Alternative Transportation

The San Francisco Commuter Benefits Ordinance was adopted in 2009 to encourage commuters to take transit, bike, or rideshare to work by requiring their employers to offer commuter benefits.

The following businesses are subject to the Ordinance: 

  • Businesses with a location in San Francisco (including non-profit organizations); 
  • Businesses with 20 or more employees nationwide

How to Comply

The San Francisco Commuter Benefits Ordinance requires businesses to offer one of the following employee benefits:

  1. Pre-tax Transportation Benefits – A monthly pre-tax deduction, up to $130/month, to pay for transit or vanpool expenses.
  2. Employer-Paid Transportation Benefits – A monthly subsidy for transit or vanpool expenses equivalent to the price of the San Francisco Muni Fast Pass (including BART travel), currently $80/month.
  3. Employer-Provided Transportation – A company-funded bus or van service to and from the workplace.
  4. Any combination of the above.

For more information on setting up Commuter Benefits for your business, click here.

Emergency Ride Home is a free City program that provides a ‘safety net’ for San Francisco commuters using sustainable transportation, such as walking, biking, taking transit or ridesharing. When employees of registered businesses use a sustainable mode to travel to work and experience a personal or family emergency while at work, they can take a taxi, shared taxi service, transit, or rental car and CommuteSmart will reimburse the cost of the ride.

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