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James Hudson

James was off duty when he came across a frequent hotel guest who was lost in S.F. and trying to find her way to the freeway. Since the elderly guest was not familiar with the area, James decided to help her by leading her to the freeway, as she followed in her car. He later explained that he simply wanted to make sure that she was safe and on the right track. Recently, a hotel guest tipped James, handing him what she thought was a dollar bill. As she was leaving the hotel the next morning, James stopped the woman to tell her that he had been waiting for her. He did not think that she had realized that she actually gave him a $50 bill and wanted to be sure to give it back to her. James even goes beyond the call of duty when he is off his shift! When a guest forgot a piece of luggage during check-out, James (though he was just getting off his shift) drove to the airport to personally hand the guests their luggage…with enough time for them to make their flight!

Congratulations to James for winning the 2013 Beyond the Call of Duty Award!